Zoom is very easy and quick to install and use as a participant when you follow the step by step instructions below

Step by Step Instructions



If you downloaded the meeting appointment to your calendar, the link will also be in your calendar - click your appointment to open it and find the link.  

It will look something like this:

1. Join Video Conference from your computer


(Note: For those joining from a mobile devise such as a smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPhone, etc.,  you'll have to first download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from the App/Play Store.  Click here for more details.) 

When entering a Zoom meeting for the first time from a computer, you will need to download a small application file.  This is a secure file and will take up very little room on your system.


This process is easy to complete on all commonly used browsers.  The examples are shown below using and Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox

Click 'Save File' and follow the instruction in the orange box.


Google Chrome

Google Chrome should automatically download the file and point to it as shown below.  Clicking on the Zoom_launcher.exe file will install Zoom.  There will be a short pause before a blue progress bar appears indicating the installation.  If nothing prompts from the browser, you'll see a 'download & run Zoom' link - click that to begin.







If an 'Application Launcher' or 'External Protocol Request' box appears, click the 'Remember my choice...' option box and then click 'Launch Application'.






Just before entering the meeting you will be prompted to enter a display name.  This name is simply to identify you in the meeting and is not connected to any user name or security setting.



2.  Join Audio via Computer

You will then be promoted to choose how you want to join the audio so that you can hear us and we can hear you.  If you wish to join the audio via a landline telephone or using your cell phone, follow the instructions further down, otherwise simple to the following:


First click the 'Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting' option box at the bottom to save this selection for when you use zoom next.


Click on the green button that says 'Join Computer by Audio'

If you wish to use your landline/cell phone for audio, while having Zoom open on your computer, simply select the 'Join by Phone' tab when the audio pop-up window FIRST appears.  This will display the number for you to call as well as the Meeting ID to enter and your Participant ID.   Your video and audio will then be synchronized.

3. Turning on and off Video and / or Muting  your Audio

You can toggle your video on and off and mute yourself using the icons at the bottom of the Zoom window.  For One-to-One Sessions and small Group Classes, please be sure your Video is turned on and you are not muted.

For Online Educational Briefings and larger Group Classes, you will be muted by the Host and your video will be turned off.  See below if you wish to ask questions or speak, follow the instructions below.  

4.  Asking Questions or Speaking in Group Classes or Educational Briefings

For Online Educational Briefings 

If you are joining us for an Online Educational Briefing, everyone will be muted.  If you wish to ask a question, please use the chat function to text chat to all participants or privately to the speaker/panel.

Click on the 'Chat' icon in the tool bar.  If the tool bar is not showing at the bottom of the Zoom window, please your cursor over the Zoom window so it appears and select the 'Chat' icon.

A chat window will then open.  Next to the 'To:' you'll see a button with a down arrow.  Click the down arrow to select 'Everyone' to post your comment or question to all or select 'panel' to send your comment or question to only the Host/Presenter.

Type your message and then hit send.

Additional Information for Group Classes Only


In small group settings, the Host/Speaker will likely invite everyone to speak up when you have a question so that the meeting flows as if you were all in the same room.


If this is not the case and  you wish to ask a question or make a point during a group class it is good protocol to use the 'Raise Hand' tool rather than interrupting.


Raising Your Hand 

If the tool bar is not showing at the bottom of the Zoom window, please your cursor over the Zoom window so it appears and select the 'Participants' icon.





A window listing other participants will appear. Find your name in the list then click the 'Raise Hand' icon next to your name to make it known to the Host that your would like to raise your hand.

To lower your hand, simply click the 'lower hand' icon that will have replaced the 'Raise Hand' icon.