As a friend and colleague likes to say, "Words Create Worlds".   She - Judith E. Glaser - is on to something here and we invite you to share your words.


Here are 13 ways to get involved and to enjoy whichever group you've joined:

  1. Be creative. Express yourself. Co-create together. 

  2. As for advice, for guidance. 

  3. Share experiences and lessons learned. 

  4. Offer up those things you wish you would have known. Support one another.

  5. Show up with the intent to connect, serve, help, and suppor t- not to compete.

  6. Make your posts fun, original, helpful.  

  7. Share your favorite quotes, family pictures, funny stuff.

  8. Make your posts relevant to this group. 

  9. Don’t share the same content across all your groups. 

  10. Show up then get back to work.   We want this to be a supportive place, not a place to hide. 

  11. Help others.  When you ask for help and don’t return the favor, your fellow members will notice. 

  12. Share your experiences, thoughts, ideas, guidance and insights.

  13. Be sympathetic to the plight of your group-mates.  We’ve all had those days. Be here for each other.


If we all do this, we can make this a great resource for us all. 


We’re glad you joined us!

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