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Nikki Ellison

inspiring success in your career and personal life

I see you...and get you.

You're a strong, determined, and successful woman. 

A high performer who drives results at work and gets it done at home. Each. And. Every. Day.

The smart. The driven. And at times, exhausted.

With keen intuition and a sense of awareness, you show up and do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said. 

You're selfless. Inspired. And believe in the greater good.

At the end of the day, you know you can succeed if you put your mind to it - from the simple to the complex, problems are an invitation for you to learn, stretch and grow.

It's not about what is easy for you, it's about the result and satisfaction of a job well done.

You are not the one shouting from the rooftops.  It's not 'see me'.  It's about supporting others in life and the quiet satisfaction that happens when you sit back and watch your ideas come to life in ways that benefit those you care about at work and in your personal life.

Yet you are humble enough to know that you cannot always figure things out on your own so you are willing to listen to others.

You seek advice and inspiration and look for resources.

Curious. Watchful. Intelligent. You know there are great ideas out there and that stringing them together makes even better ideas.

Playful. Energetic. Autonomous. You rock the LBD as easily as you ditch make-up for every day - but you won't be defined by labels.

Often times you are a lover of the great outdoors and fresh air.

The mountains and sea air speak to your soul.  

In quiet moments, you let your mind wander and enjoy it's creativity.

You're self-motivated yet can become complacent when something doesn't feel right. Conflict and stress drive you nuts. 

This is when you call me.  

I'll help.

From small group programs to 1:1 time, I'm here. Online. Ready to visit with you - wherever you are.


 Change Your Conversations, Change Your Life 

Conversational Intelligence® - Shift to Greatness

The key to success in life and business is not about how smart you are. 


What separates those who are successful from those who are not - in business, in relationships, and even in marriages, is the quality of our conversations.  

Yes. Conversations.

Think about it for a minute.  Conversations are the way we connect, engage, navigate and transform the world with others, whether we are at work or in our personal lives.


Yet, conversations are not what we think they are.  


We've grown up with  a narrow view of conversations, thinking they are about talking, sharing information, telling people what to do, or telling others what's on our mind. 

The problem is nobody really ever taught us how to effectively communicate. 

Don't believe me?  Let me ask you this:  Have you ever said to someone, "That isn't what I meant." Have you ever wondered, "Why doesn't 'so-and-so' get it?" or "I've already explained this." 

We are now learning, through neurological and cognitive research, that conversations are the golden threads that enable us to move toward and trust others.  


It's how we influence the moment and shape our future.


Understanding how to "level set' our conversations gives us the POWER to TRANSFORM REALITY.

The Bottom Line:  Let me show you how to make tomorrow better than today. 


As one of the few coaches, world-wide, Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, I'll guide you how to enhance your conversations - at work and in your personal life - to connect with others and gain results like you've never achieved before (and only hoped was possible). 


With 30 years of experience and

fully certified since 2011,

I’ve been successfully coaching

high performing women throughout the world,

helping them solve problems and gain new results,

 while facilitating their self-growth

to positively impact their personal life.


If you are feeling frustrated at work and

overwhelmed by life’s demands,

my services introduce clarity

and foster new outcomes.

I also teach techniques to better manage

the emotional stress of everyday life.


Join me for the Q&A

Session with Simon Sinek!


 I'm Listening! 

​Trying to figure 'it' out? 

I see possibilities where others might not and make a great sounding board.

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